Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What you don't know about the great white shark will shock you!

There are many mysteries in the deep, but none so deep as this. The reason this monster of the deep is named "The Great White" will completely amaze you.

It's not that great

Just looking at this creature, you see its quite terrifying. Its rows of teeth are continually replaced as they fall out after biting into their victims. There's nothing great about that.
It's not that white

Have you ever seen one up close? The shark's is predominately silver, not white.

If any name is appropriate for this grotesque water beast, the Terrifying Silver would be much better. 

Amazingly, presidential politics were in play. The phrase "Silver's Terrifying Prediction" was already taken. For fear of being labeled a partisan hack, the shark was named "Great White."

Was the scientist behind the naming of the shark really a secret Donald Trump supporter? Or was he just an avid reader of alternative news journals?

The true reason this shark is called "The Great White" will shock you. To read more, click here.